Wrangler Team Roping Championships


Welcome to the Wrangler Team Roping Championships

Sept 14 - 16, 2018 Belle Fourche, SD Challenges

#9 Fast Back Ropes & Best Ever Challenges
#8 Wrangler & Boulet Challenges
#7 Cactus Ropes & Smaty Challenges


THE WTRC ANNOUNCES we will be adjusting our numbering system May 2018. Starting May 14th WTRC roper classification numbers will increase by 2 numbers. Accordingly, all WTRC Ropings will increase by 4 numbers. We feel this is a great way to better classify the wide range of ropers that get lumped into the #1 and #2 classifications, and offer more opportunities for them to compete against ropers of similar abilities and skill levels. The goal is to utilize the 3 numbers below the #4 Roper for the beginners and novice ropers.  Here is the basic info regarding this change:

1). On May 14th, 2018, all current WTRC members will be issued new cards with their roping classification numbers increased by a value of two. For example – John Smith is a #3 header in the current WTRC system. On May 14th, he will become a #5 header. Jack Brown is a #2 heeler in the current system and he will become a #4 heeler.

2). After May 14th, 2018, all WTRC Ropings will increase by a number value of 4. For example, what is currently the WTRC #5 Roping will become a WTRC #9 Roping. John and Jack competed in the current system’s #5 roping as a #3 header and a #2 heeler. After May 14th, they will compete in the #9 roping as a #5 header and a #4 heeler.

3). The WTRC producers and staff will be monitoring ropers throughout the remainder of 2018, and as always, ropers will be raised and lowered as needed.

With any kind of change, there are always questions and concerns. We hope this addresses most of the basic concerns our ropers might have with this change. Please feel free to contact us at any time for further clarification!
WTRC Office 406-348-2460


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