Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Wrangler Branch Roping?

WBR is connected to the main Wrangler Ropings with corporate sponsors awarding prizes to you through your local producer. It is just an added benefit for being a WTRC member.

Can I qualify for the WTRC Finals by roping at a Wrangler Branch?

No, you must attend a major Wrangler Qualifier to rope at the WTRC Finals.

What if I don't have a Wrangler Card? Can I still rope at the Wrangler Branch Ropings?

Yes, except you are not eligible to win the prizes that were generated through the WTRC. You can purchase a Wrangler Card at the roping or your producer will number you. Wrangler numbers will be the only number system used at WBR. The producer may require you to have a Wrangler card ~ this is at producer’s discretion.

Can I accumulate circuit points at Wrangler Branch Ropings?

No, only major qualifiers award circuit points.

Is dress code required at a WBR?

No, but this is at the producer’s discretion.

What format will WBR have?

Producers may have any format they wish.

Are WBR full fledge Wrangler Events?

No, but they are an added bonus for WTRC members