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Welcome to the Wrangler Team Roping Championships

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Protecting the #1's Only Roping has always been a priority because it is a great roping for #1's to feel comfortable and be assured they are going to a get a chance to win money & prizes.  Once you start roping better than everyone in that field, no matter if you have won or not, you will be reclassified to a #2 roper.  As we end the 2014 Season some of you will experience just that.  For those of you that got the notification that you are roping better, here is  some additional good news; we are adding a #3 Roping at the majority of the WTRC Qualifiers.  The #3 will be capped at a straight #2 roper.  This will be a good stepping stone for a #1 roper that just got raised to a #2 because you will be competitive in the #3 & #4 Ropings.  The best we can do is try and keep everyone competitive in at least two ropings.  The #1 will have the #1's Only and the #3 and the #2 will have the #3 and #4 Ropings.  The #2+ will have the #4 & #5 ropings and so on. 

There are number raises in every category but we wanted the #1 Ropers to know that if you get that phone call that your classification has been raised, you are not dead in the water; that you have a great roping to look forward to the new #3.



Team Roping

Nov 07 - 08
Ogden, UT
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Nov 08 - 09
Cody, WY
[ details pending ]

Nov 21 - 22
Twin Falls, ID
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Jan 01 - 04
Laurel, MT
[ details pending ]


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