Spring is finally here! Really looking forward to a great roping at Livingston this weekend. By all the calls to the office we can tell everyone has roping fever! The Office Lounge welcomes all team ropers to enjoy their weekend in Livingston, MT!!!

Welcome to the Wrangler Team Roping Championships

Big Money #5's have been a huge HIT!  Payouts have been as high a $6000 and when you think about it.... winning $3000 for a $50 Entry Fee - thats 60 times your money!
Latest News....Miles City, MT June 21st & 22nd will once again be World Series on Saturday & Wrangler on Sunday
Looking forward to Watford City, ND May 2nd - 1 Day Event - 4 Gold Diggers produced by Jerome Hutchison & Chris Dunlavy at the Dunlavy Arena...


Team Roping